About Us

Master John Augello
Master Tim Harrell
5th Degree Black Belt

Core Martial Arts Master Instructor

20 years teaching experience

28 years involved and training in the martial arts

Black Belts in Karate and Tae Kwon Do

Creator of the Core multi disciplined self defense system


4th Degree Black Belt Directly under Dojunim Ji Han Jae , Hapkido Founder 

Taekwondo Black Belt 
All Army Champion 
All Armed Forces Champion
Korean Open Gold Medalist 

US Army Combatives Instructor 
Combat Veteran 
Expert Infsntryman's Badge 

Taiho Jitsu Black Belt & Technical Advisor for Gunji Taiho (Military Arresting Techniques) online Achademy,

Black Belts in 
Daedo JuJitsu 
Senso Ryu Go Jitsu 

Former Submissions Only 
ProJitsu Fighter on PPV

Over 25 years Martial Arts 
Lived & Trained full time in S.Korea 3.5 years
7 years US Army 

Specializes in Grappling Based Reality Self Defense